Rework Sweatshirt Bale

Rework Sweatshirt Bale

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Our Rework Sweatshirt Bale is a 70 piece mix of branded reworked sweatshirts. 

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What to Expect: 

Inside you will find a mixture of sweatshirts reworked from other sweatshirts that have been damaged. 

Terms & Conditions:

Majority of the bundle will be Grade A however due to the scale of our operation sometimes Grade B items do slip through. We strive to keep this at a minimum and estimate that the human error percentage is between 0-10%. 

The bundle contains a fair mix of vintage and modern items. As they come in a compressed bale we highly recommend washing/steaming each garment before casting a judgement on the quality of each item. This will allow for any minor marks, stains and creasing to come out. It will also allow for you to maximize your profits as the items will be more presentable to your customers. 

All our bales are non refundable. 

Price includes standard Irish Vat Rate of 23%. 

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more info. 

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